Békeiné Kiss Andrea

Békeiné Kiss Andrea

Detailed professional introduction

My name is Andrea Békeiné Kiss, I am an economist, certified tax expert. My areas of expertise since 2002 cover bookkeeping, tax advisory and professional tax expert counselling. I work in as an independent advisor since 2004. My expertise in handling the business aspects of micro, small enterprises is significant. Currently I am working as a professional tax expert for enterprises, in the following fields of expertise:

– value added taxation of transactions

– income tax planning 

– enterprise tax planning, tax evaluation for optimisation

– representation in tax control procedures

– taxation of IP rights

In 2016 I have been awarded Tax Advisor of the year in a competition with more than 800 participating professionals. 


Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (current name: Corvinus)
M.Sc. in Economics, specialisation in Accounting

OKTÁV Továbbképző Központ Zrt
tax advisor

Penta Unió Oktatási Centrum
2013 – 2014
certified tax expert – value added taxes

Penta Unió Oktatási Centrum
2015 – 2016
certified tax expert – income taxes


2×2 Bookkeeping and tax consultation office (2004-2021)

Handling more than 40 micro-, and small enterprises’ bookkeeping and tax-related tasks with two employees. In summer, 2021, I changed the focus of the office to tax advisory services.

Registrations, memberships
  • registered certified accountant (June, 2003) MK 163213
  • tax advisor (June, 2004) AT 2115705
  • certified tax expert (June, 2013) OASZ 4108411
  • court tax expert (September, 2016) 010896

I am a member of the Hungarian Certified Tax Experts Society, and the Chamber of Hungarian Court Experts. 


We have been working with Andrea on optimising our way in the taxation forest, her guidance meant safety and a secure reference in the past years. I believe her consultation work, continous open communication and collaboration with us will be part of the next decade of our company journey. 

István Ilia

Arxardoris LLC.

Andrea is the only person I would trust with taxation issues. Once you meet her, you realize that her professional expertise, dedication to her profession, and humble style is unique. She is precise, accurate, reliable, smart, and her voice is always smiling, which makes communication with her a pleasure. She meets all expectations our fast-paced world is demanding. I encourage everyone to choose her services, with my open heart.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Derecskei


I encourage turning to Andrea with any taxation matters, and to experience her knowledge and potential in person. My list of the topics we have covered so far: merger, tax planning, questions regarding income tax report, local taxation questions, taxation of real estate sold, information about the taxation form I should choose, accounting of study costs by the employer…Read more
Franciska Szentirmai

management consultant

A fair player, precise, calm, reliable and kind, with an excellent sense of humour.
I like to keep my stuff tidy, Andrea is doing that for me in my taxation matters. From time to time, some questions arise that needs her professional help. I call her on these occasions with confidence, because I know that I can expect a fair and precise answer. A quick call or an e-mail, and I know how to proceed. This helps me keep things tidy, and to save a lot of time. She’s a treasure.
Dóra Epresi

Coach, HR expert

I have met Andrea as a well-prepared and precise counsellor, who can answer our tax-related questions quickly. I recommend using her services to anyone!

dr. Bence Szabó


We have been working with Andrea for years, we’ve had ample time to know her both professionally and personally. She never let us down. She takes her work seriously, as any professional should, and operates diligently and carefully in her work. She is the tax professional where the customer can close their eyes, and focus on their own professional field of interest, while sleeping well. I encourage everybody to choose her services. 

Tamás Csobay-Novák

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