startup consultation

I advise you to have a tax planning consultation before an enterprise is founded, or the value creation activity is started. In this consultation, we evaluate or create your business plan, with focus on taxation alternatives, and let you have a conscious decision about the form of the enterprise, and the tax-related statements you may make before the enterprise is started. As a result, you will start your enterprise with optimal decisions in place in the current legal and entrepreneurial environment. 

tax evaluation of transactions

Tax evaluation of transactions in the life of an enterprise can result in significant differences in taxation. Tax evaluation should – in an optimal world – precede the transaction, but many times the transaction shall be qualified subsequently, to create an optimal taxation environment. 

I help you either in preliminary or in subsequent evaluation of taxable transactions, to define an optimal taxation enviroment. 

personal income tax returns

Personal income tax returns shall be filed by the 20th of May each year, from the return plan the tax authority prepares for most. This authority return plan may not be conclusive in your case. I provide professional advice if you:

– have not made the midyear available deductions fully, or shared with family,

– have sold or purchased significant assets or real estate

– have acquired overseas income.

Tax consultancy is also advised if you are a VAT-subject private person, a primary producer (farming) or an individual entrepreneur. 

professional opinion for the court of law

My professional opinion documentation is supporting the work of a legal attorney in a court procedure, including references to EU cases, the legal environment and an objective, precise argument. My clients can use the professional tax opinion documentation in the court of law, since my registration in 2016.